Establishing a New State-of-the-Art for French Named Entity Recognition

Image credit: Alix Chagué


The French TreeBank developed at the University Paris 7 is the main source of morphosyntactic and syntactic annotations for French. However, it does not include explicit information related to named entities, which are among the most useful information for several natural language processing tasks and applications. Moreover, no large-scale French corpus with named entity annotations contain referential information, which complement the type and the span of each mention with an indication of the entity it refers to. We have manually annotated the French TreeBank with such information, after an automatic pre-annotation step. We sketch the underlying annotation guidelines and we provide a few figures about the resulting annotations.

In The 12th International Conference on Language Resources and Evaluation
Pedro Ortiz Suarez
Pedro Ortiz Suarez
Senior Research Scientist

I’m a Senior Research Scientist at the Common Crawl Foundation.